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Vantage immigrations consultancy pvt ltd

Hi all my name is chirag lal ratnani. I am from mumbai. I have to register complaint against the fraud co named vantage immigrations which are located in delhi. I enrolled for the qmas visa with them in jan 2018 and at the time of enrollment thry promised me the processing time of hardly 3 months and now its been 1.5 years now and still they are processing. I request you all please dont waste your time, money and energy with this fraud co. I am also putting up the names of illiterate employes which work there:

1. Trishna devnani

2. Ashmita

3 sushma

4 simran

5 anny bronika

6 rini

They all pick up your calls and ask you to tell the query and they will reply you after days. We pay them our fucking money and after paying their attitude changes. The amount which they take is 50000rs. The most important thing is their FRAUD M.D. Mr.Abrahim chelli doesnt comes on phone. I personally think that there is a fake personality of abrahim chelli which dont even exist and when you ask one of their employees they will directly say that you cant talk to their M.D its not allowed and all bullshit stuff. We are paying them and they are not worth a single penny. I request you all please please dont waste your money with this Fraud co.


    Vantage immigrations consultancy pvt ltd
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