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I have a concern with the order id mentioned in the subject line. I ordered food on 16th april. And it had some missing items ( 1 papaya shake, churma and only 2 batis in dal bati and instead of white sauce i got red sauce pasta). 

I spoke with some agent over the call and he denied redund. Then j escalated the call and spoke with Abhijeet who was ready to refund me the full amount 204 INR. But the problem is that i used SWIGLOVE75 which was given to me as my previous order also had some problem and i thought of taking a coupon instead refund (MY BIGGEST MISTAKE). And Abhijeet was not ready to refund me 204+75( as i payed that in my previous order and the order was wasted as the food supplied was stale).
Now i requested for a higher escalation. So Abhijeet tole me that he is escalating this call and i will get a call back in next 24 to 48 hours. 
Now the informed timeline is over. So i thought of taking a followup. But was mor able to talk to someone over the phone so i opened a chat which was closed stating that as 24 hours have passed compensation cant be issued and the chat was disconnected when i asked for escalation on chat. 
I tried opening a chat again but due to surge i was not able to connect with an agent, hence forced to write this email.
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