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Meru Immigration Consultancy Coimbatore — Cheating (Fraud)

This is 100% fraud consultant! One year before my friend sign up with the guy Srinivasan for a visa but throughout the year he never do anything, when asking about refund the stupid file a case on us . Atlast only we came know that many guys are cheated by this consultant, beware of this guy, we also file case on him and the consultant on Coimbatore commissioner office, attached is the proof for this.

    Meru Immigration Consultancy Coimbatore — Cheating (Fraud)
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    1. Meru immigration and education services is a pacca fraud consultant. From February 2019 onwards they closed the office branches in Chennai, Coimbatore, Cochin and all mobile numbers have switched off. Owner Srinivasan swindled all innocent job seekers’ money and absconding… Inadequate laws and corruption in all quarters helping him to cheat in the name of abroad job…very pathetic guys… beware of fraud consultants… don’t pay any amount for abroad job s in advance..

    2. Hello friends,
      Meru immigration is worst and they looted money from many people in the name of australia visa. Particularly, they spoiled many people’s life by applying 476 visa. Now, their office entirety closed. Owner san srinivas ran away to European country. He is not here now.

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