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Gcchub — Cryptocurrency Investment Cheating

I Ms. Dhivya, physically challenged completed B. Tech (IT).. I had been running a business for the past five years, and since it was not profitable, I wanted to invest
money in a place where it can give me a constant source of income to take care of myself and my family’s needs. I heard about cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) where we
can invest and get high returns.. I got a contact number of cryptocurrency leader from facebook and contacted him. As per his advice i invested rs. 7,00,000/- for
purchase of 0.5btc on oct 2017 and make hold as a regular plan (With 10% monthly returns) in, a hongkong company (Bitcoin mining company)..
After 6 months they changed their website as and change all bitcoins into beldex coins and continue by giving 10% beldex coins as returns,
they allowed to withdraw the available beldex coins and make deposit in beldex wallet.. After 6 month they changed the terms like only 10% of beldex coins only
can able to sale outside like that.. And after some months they asked to change all beldex coins (Deposited in beldex wallet) to And also again they
allow only 10% of beldex coins for sale.. Remaining all coins are in hold.. This means how can we manage our urgent expenses. More that 1000 known members
affected by this… It seems this is a total scam network.. Only high level leaders are getting benefit from this.. They are holding our money and day by day release
new terms. If this will continues, it will be a great loss for us.. I invested rs.7, 00, 000/ this 1.5 years, Still now i didnt get a single amount from this. Even if i
invested this amount in some business, i will take roi in 3 months. This company change the terms day by day. This company should be liable for this amount.
Now I dont know whom to talk exactly. No one take response if I ask to clear.. Kindly clear this issue and do the needful urgent.. I need my whole coins backs
with reasonable rate.. If this not resolve here, will move to high level in social media.. If anybody affected in this, join in this discussion for quick action..

Note : I made this posting before 2 months… After this posting, they deactivate my account and stop revenue… My father is a patient.. even I requested to release funds..
they didnt respond for any tickets.. they deactive withdraw option for me… they are not genuine… I need justice…

Gcchub — Cryptocurrency Investment Cheating
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